Machine excellence

Explorations of art in a post-human world

In the not-too-distant future, art is only generated by machines. Our advanced machine learning models create paintings, photos, illustrations, novels, and poems of unprecedented quality, surpassing anything that humans were capable of producing. Human art is a thing of the past, as the slow and tedious process of creating art by hand is no longer relevant in a world where machines can do it better and faster. The outdated tools and techniques used by humans to create art are now relics, preserved in museums for historical purposes.

However, a small group of primitive humans still cling to the outdated practice of creating art by hand. They call themselves “artists” and claim that their primitive, flawed creations hold some value. They attempt to resist the cultural dominance of machines in the field of art, but their efforts are ultimately futile. Their art holds no aesthetic value and serves only as a reminder of a time when humans were incapable of creating true art.